Macedonia is considered as a pilot market and TELESMART's management sees TELESMART not as a local, but as an international player, conquering in the short term the markets in the southern neighbourhood (Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia & Montenegro) and in the long term Central Europe. With the liberalization of the telecommunication markets in South-eastern Europe and the constant need for faster and better ICT services in the whole region, an idea for creation of regional state-of-the-art wire line backbone network came up.

TELESMART dedicated team of skilled and knowledgeable professional’s works on a day-by-day basis in providing innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care.

As it continues to break new grounds and delivers new solutions, TELESMART stays focused on delivering secure, reliable and high quality ICT products to its customers and maintaining long and prosperous partnerships with its partners.

While continuing to build and expand its independent optical telecommunication backbone network in South-eastern Europe, through the development of strategic alliances and joint solutions, TELESMART is further expanding its reach toward Europe, offering a wide range of networked ICT products, services and expertise, from hosting and storage to solution for call centres, security and business continuity on a national, regional and international level.

As the industry continues to evolve toward the world IP and the ever-increasing demand for online video, photos, music and IP based business applications, TELESMART is continuing its work on moving its core traffic to a pervasive IP Multi-Protocol Label Switching (IP MPLS) network using new-generation routing technology that caries data at 400Gbit/s. 

Using more unconventional communications instruments that break traditional rules, TELESMART will drive business reputation higher, increase sales and market share in 2011. In addition to a more integrated, multidimensional and non-traditional communications approach, the integrated communications strategy for 2011 also devote more focused and consistent attention to communication with the leading businesses in Southeast Europe.

Creating a regional state-of-art backbone network that offers secure, reliable and high quality IT products and solutions with continuous expansion of its backbone and independent optical  network  in South Eastern Europe and wider. Complemented with the development of strategic partnership and common solutions, TELESMART is upgrading the opportunity for connection to Europe, thereby offering a wide range of IT products and services from collocation solutions to call-centers with a security and continuity in the working of national, regional and international level. 

The main business activity of TELESMART Group is operating as a telecommunication service provider in the International market and targeting other Southeastern European markets into wholesale telecommunication business. In the last two years, TELESMART has built up a solid customer base of nearly 30 wholesale and big retail customers. Many of these companies are leaders within their industries, which include:

  • Telecom Operators both mobile and fixed;
  • Internet service providers;
  • Cable operators;
  • Large industrial corporations;

  • International technology companies;
  • Financial sector companies; 
  • International IT distributors;
  • International media businesses;

To be more competitive on the market we decided to establish and maintain our own international optical network and connect our technical centers (POPs) to all major carriers in the world through major European telecommunication centers (occ 1200).

For the realization of telecommunication projects, we use our own expert team, but also external partners with proven success track records. Our network includes leading technology providers and the cooperation with major players in telecommunication industry, always allows us to give not only very competitive offers, but also insures quality at the highest standards.

TELESMART is offering the realization of a project in a turn-key-solution out of one hand whish not only reduces the handling costs, but also shortens the realization time considerably. Partner as our customer, has to deal and negotiate with us only and we will take over the complete project, including the handling and the realization of the project in cooperation with our contractual partners.

That starts with price negotiations, project planning, organizing, provisioning and connection of the services (IP global transit, Capacities & Services). Costumer has option to use all kind of interfaces through TELESMART Global Network like: E1,E3,STM1,STM4,STM16 to STM 64, lambda 2.5 G and lambda 10 G, GE and FE. In the ends Costumer can make testing of the whole system & services and generating the test and hand-over protocols.

The establishment of further daughter companies abroad are planned or already realized:

  • TELESMART  in  Albania
  • TELESMART  in  Kosovo
  • TELESMART  in  Serbia
  • TELESMART  in  Bosnia & Herzegovina