TELESMART Telekom's collocation centre - Skopje Exchange Teleroom (SET) is a facility that uses the latest technologies for fire detection and suppression, temperature and humidity control, security systems, uninterruptible power supply and sophisticated network management and monitoring. They provide the highest infrastructure reliability and availability in the industry with dedicated staff available to provide skilled hands & eyes services.

Regarding the specifications of our data collocation centre, below are given all the selected physical, environmental, and service parameters.  

Power - The SET center has a standard 220V power supply which comes from two different transformer stations from EVN and it provides redundancy and greater utilization of the power and its goal is to minimize the chances for interruption in the supplies of electricity.

Over the premises of the SET center (which is) owned by TELESMART, there is a Diesel generator - Texan Generator 1003TG. It serves as a protection in case of interruption in the supplies of electricity. In such cases the generator and the UPS are activated at the same time (UPS 30kVA), and the UPS operates until it detects that the generator starts to generate electricity, after which it shuts down and the electricity is further by supplied by the generator (continues to supply the generator). At the worst, the protection is transferred to batteries (4 batteries 160 Аh).

The generator has the following characteristics:

The device has four lifting points, which makes it easy to transfer. Advanced performances for acoustic isolation, stop button for emergencies, improved channels for aspiration for homogenization of cooling of the device itself are just part of the characteristics.

UPS 30kVA is an intelligent device with a plug for LAN network, advanced technology and for improved supervision and is integrated as a standard. It’s simple to install and use, it is compact and with the ability to expand the power and redundancy by connecting 6 parallel devices.

UPS Socomec  Masterys MC 30kVA:

Another precaution when talking about electricity is the Sitel DC Power Supply System. It uses rectifiers of voltage whose conversion is AC/DC and converts from 220V to -48V and vice versa. The electricity is supplemented with four batteries, each with 12 V electricity.

The electricity is with the following characteristics:

The batteries have the following features:

Rectifiers of voltage:

Climate - The collocation space is under constant surveillance for temperature and humidity changes, and is maintained by a centralized air conditioning system.; It has cooling capacity of 15121 kcal/h with a cooling power of 17.59 kW. The average temperature is 17-25°C or 62-77°F (air-conditioning).

Fire/Smoke Protection - In case of fire emergency, the SET center relies on its own fire detection system, complemented with a FM-200 non toxic, fire extinguishing, eco-gas.

Security - The colocation facility is constantly monitored 24 x 7 and controlled by staff at the Telesmart Telekom's Network Operations Centre (NOC). Skopje Exchange Teleroom is under 24 hour video surveillance. The entrance and the data center door are metal, fireproof doors, additionally ensured with Paradox alarm and security system with its own access control.

For additional security:

  • Visitors must prove identity and sign in.
  • Access restricted to authorized, pre-registered staff only.
  • Access controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced notification.

Cabling - TELESMART Telekom's cabling system can be divided as system for internal and external connections.

Customer's needs are met in the TELESMART Telekom facility. This includes both optical and electrical private lines to other service providers, carriers and collocating customers that are present in Skopje Exchange Teleroom (SET). The connections are provided by the developed overhead and/or under floor cable management systems.

External connections in our collocation facility are provided by two independent locations for fibre optic cables to enter the building, to provide redundancy so that communications can continue if one bundle of cables is damaged.

Shared Hosting: We have a wide range of hosting platforms from the world renowned manufacturers. Among other things, they can be used for web and mail domains hosting.

Rack Units: TELESMART Telekom provides wide scope of 40, 42 unit 80x60 racks. Increments of 1U rack space is available for all the customers.

Cabinets: TELESMART Telekom provides a lockable cabinet within the collocation center with power and service connection provisioned.

Cages: TELESMART Telekom provides cages already supplied with power and service connections. As stated before, the cabinets in the cage are provided by us, while the equipping of the cabinets itself can be done by the customer. All details about equipping the cages are arranged in negotiation with the customer.  

Skopje Exchange Teleroom is the perfect place for collocation and interconnection services like PoP and vPoP for operators. We provide companies, carriers and providers with (an) efficient marketplace for integrated broadband and communication services.

TELESMART node is the first Macedonian node that is directly connected, by a big capacity link, with the biggest and the most significant European nodes.