The need for high quality telecommunications services has become crucial for successful business. Telecommunications, for a very short period, become one of the basic building blocks of modern society. They are the driving force for improving the business climate.

Telesmart Telecom is a company specialized in wholesale telecommunication services to Telecom operators, ISP, cable, VoIP operators and large business customers, which offers advanced and reliable telecommunications services with an emphasis on high quality, flexibility and unlimited capacity. We develop and deliver excellent and unique business solutions, increase satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for our customers.

The CEO of Telesmart Telekom and partners, by major a telecommunications engineer, for a long time has had the idea of Macedonian company that will offer international telecommunications wholesale services through an optical infrastructure (technology that took over the world in the past decade) and provide previously unimaginable speeds of  the flow of all telecommunication information. Very soon the idea became a reality...

Starting from November 2007, Telesmart Telekom ltd is connected with the biggest telecommunication nodes in Wien (Interxion) and Frankfurt (Itenos). Expanding, step-by-step, today it is transiting IP and leasing digital lines to its PoP’s in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Vienna, Frankfurt, Budapest, Temishvar, Sofia and Skopje. Its backbone is constantly growing with ultimate goal of having (1+1) backed up connections to every of the above stated nodes, thus enabling highest possible reliability and quality of service.

The Company expended significantly during its first two years of operation, managing to establish its infrastructure and customer base. In its two years of existence Telesmart Telekom ltd has managed to grow from small provider in 2008 to biggest wholesale provider in Macedonia. Enabling rapid growth of Macedonia’s international links from 1,3Gbps in 2007 to over 70Gbps in 2012, Telesmart Telekom ltd holds over 90% of international wholesale market (beginning of 2012).

Subsequently, in parallel to customer base expansion, Telesmart Telekom ltd developed new services by using the capabilities offered by its state-of-the-art network and by its position in the South-eastern Europe region.

The initial years were characterized by rapid organizational development, technological and management expertise. Backbone service agreements maintenance of the network IT and TDM infrastructure were first priorities of the company.

In the last two years, Telesmart Telekom ltd has built up a solid customer base of nearly 30 wholesale and big retail customers.

The technical expertise, vast experience, and knowledge of business solutions, networks and telecommunications, has proved that Telesmart Telekom ltd is constantly growing and improving only with one goal: To keep our customers satisfied.